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1. Do you accept custom Orders?

All of our beanie bases and headbands can be done in custom colors. Please contact us to see what colors we have available.

2. Do you offer giftcards?

Not at this time.

3. I like a beanie but want a different poof color, Can I change the poof color?

Each poof is interchangeable as it is tied to the beanie with cord and a button. You could even go poof free. If you like a beanie but hate the pom color message me BEFORE you purchase to make sure I have what you are looking for. We can go from there.”

4. What Sizes do you offer?

Right now our standard Beanies fit tween/teen to adult size heads. I am looking into incorporating child and baby sizes soon.

Standard beanies fit heads between 19-23 inches.

5. How do I care for my Beanie?

Remove the poof by untying the cord and pulling it out of the button and hat. Set all the pieces aside in a safe place. Making sure not to get the poof wet.

If your poof gets matter brush it out with a wire brush.

If it looses shape give it a good shake and hit it with a little blow dry on the cold setting.

Handwash your beanie in a bath of liquid laundry soap, followed by a bath of softener.

Press out excess water and lay flat to dry.

Add back the poof once your beanie is completely dry.

Thread cord through beanie top, you may need a safety pin for this.

Thread the cord back through the button and tie off into a secure knot and bow.

6. Do you sell hats without poofs?

Each hat comes with a removeable poof. You can remove it or put it on whenever you want.

I do not sell any beanies at this time without poofs.

7. Do you sell Ponytail/Bun Hats?

Sorry but not at this time.

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