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The Beanies

Tater Loves Co. Beanies come in different Bases. Each having its own unique dessert theme name. The colors can change but the process is the same. Below you can see each base and some examples of how they knit up.

The Vanilla

This beanie is anything but boring. Its brimless look only adds to the appeal of the style and it looks equally good with or without a pom, slouchy or fitted it’s all about versatility.

The Half-Pint

The faux brim on this beanie only serves to build on what the vanilla established. The contrasting brim adds a nice flare to an already amazing beanie.

The Cookies N’ Cream

Some yarns just make for some amazing colorways without the need for changing colors. I call this the cookies n’ cream effect. These beanies could technically fall under the vanilla category but I mean look at them. Do they look Vanilla to you?

Pictures coming soon.

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